What we do

To be a world-leading institute in the advancement of global health and development, such that all human beings across the globe enjoy ongoing health, security, and economic prosperity.

To mobilize intellectual, scientific, technological, and physical resources to generate new knowledge and apply interdisciplinary approaches to transform human health into sustainable economic health throughout the Western Hemisphere and beyond.

As part of its mission to become a world-leading university and to contribute to the development of its global community, the University of Miami led by the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine has established the Global Institute. The institute is supported by schools throughout the university to provide an interdisciplinary approach to global health and development challenges by extending the university’s unique expertise and talent in each of its core mission areas.

The university is uniquely positioned to provide a gateway to health in the Western Hemisphere and beyond. The Latin America and Caribbean region is home to some of the poorest and most unequal countries in the world. Miami-Dade County is amongst the poorest communities in the United States, with 28.5% of the population living below the poverty line, compared to 12.5% in the State and 12.4% in the nation.

The institute will respond to the need for community-driven health solutions that move beyond health service delivery in isolation to broader socio-economic community capacity development. In this way, the institute aims to assist the accomplishment of the Millennium Development Goals to substantially reduce extreme poverty by 2015.